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Factory Tour

We have total 9000m2 production area and classify to three different section. Tooling area. Normal injection and cleanroom production. 

Tooling area 

We have 5 automatic CNC machines and 5 EDM mirror finish machine. We are specialized in the complex mold covered from medium to big size by wide range products, served for medical/Automotive/Pet product/Smart home and other fields including the 2K, Stack molds,blow molds, Over molding etc.

Plastic Production

We have two different areas for plastic production. First floor will be normal production for the pet product and solar product and electronic product. Both Second floor and Third floor have the cleanroom and it is mainly for the medical product. 
First floor

We have 20 injection machines from 60 ton to 450 ton. All machine have included the robot arm for automatic pickup the parts from the machine. 

Cleanroom production 

100K class cleanroom with 5 injection machine from 86 ton -160 ton 
2 blow molding machine. 

It has ETO Sterilization machine (ethylene oxide)